Thursday, March 24, 2005

Son of a bitch!

Did all the world's men organize an overnight rally this past week to dispatch a testosterone-tainted missive reminding impressionable and monogamous youths the unwritten rules of manhood? Because I think M. Biologique took number 6 to heart, which goes something like: "Thou shalt behave with hostility to any female within earshot of one's girlfriend. This includes (but not limited to) the telephone and other oral/visual communication devices. If contact is unavoidable (see: unpreventable), make sure subsequent conversation is brief, awkwardly stunted and linguistically gender-neutral. Don't forget to act passive/aggressively to play up unprovoked annoyance to maximize assurance of one's undying love for high school sweetheart/soul mate/co-dependent collaborator."

Fuck him. This is the last time I give someone the benefit of the doubt when they promise me they will put in the effort to keep things as they were. To paraphrase Volkswagon: On the road of life, there are optimists and there are liars.


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