Monday, March 07, 2005


My two girlfriends pretended to be lesbians as I role-played someone, open-minded but taken.

Never have I seen men try so desperately to convert hot-looking women back to phallic-worship.

We ended up telling them the truth. Except, the joke wasn't that they weren't lesbians, but that I had more lesbian experience than both of them. I guess my unassuming demeanor threw their sex-dar off. That and I wasn't interested anyway. I'm too happy pursuing M. Biologique.

My friend asked me whether it's the chase that's the appeal. Will I be able to handle something tangible with him if he does eventually break-up with his girlfriend to be with me?

I was unable to answer that though I am more than certain that sexual chemistry is far from the only thing keeping our friendship together; he's one of my best friends.

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