Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Oy, stupido!

I admit it. I've dismissed my share of acquaintances on the basis of their dumbprehension. I was wrong. They just weren't "reasonable" (coming from the chick who pays more to look less).


SOUNDS final exam. Bombed it. "Uh, George. George invented it [...] 1968." I looked over two scraps of paper and a hand-out: that was the extent of the studying I got done last night.

"What do you call it when you are walking towards the mic?"

"A ... walk on," I wrote, dotting the "O" in case I was off by one letter as opposed to the entire phrase. Fingers crossed.


Hung out with Readerdroid. We sat at a coffee shop and analyzed couscous. Just try and out-nerd us, punk. Go on, I dare ya.


I feel sickness coming on. First time in a long time. You'd think I'd learn to walk around avec culottes by now.

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