Tuesday, March 01, 2005

On Track

My friends are back, my friends are back! God save the Queen, my friends are back! Caught up with HaiPhia then took off to welcome NorIda home before she went to a belly dancing class. Asked Swiss Alps to help me with my SOUNDS project.

"You want me to do what?"

Uh, speak like an Indian grocer forced to play an unconvincing gangsta who enjoys describing his rough urban life, but try to avoid sounding like you're in on the joke, okay?

He agreed. After three beers.

M. Biologique and I had a good laugh over the tracks I played for him of Swiss Alps saying, perplexed and buzzed, "I pay for my child support and - what? - cop some ... Indo?" Yes, I hung out with M. Biologique. Yes, he remarked how "pretty" I looked upon entering his well-kept apartment. Yes, we had another memorable evening, teasing, sparring, touching, and feeling. Yes, we coyly confirmed how significant we were to each other. Yes, we gave each other full back massages. (His idea.) Yes, he asked me out on a future "movie date." (His words.) Yes, he's planning on doing the cooking. (His offer.) I discovered my insecurities were unfounded because he verbalised his affections for me, adding that I'm the only person he has fun with (as we trolled for butter at midnight, cracking up the cashier with our nonsense). So he has a girlfriend who gets, understandably, jealous whenever strange women solicit him for sex on a frequent basis, but the choice to leave her is still ultimately his to make.

But details are irrelevant. (Is this me talking?)

The point is: I am at my happiest with him.


My TA handed me back my COMS midterm. I got an A+ (95%). Whoop, whoop! Eat my dust, over-studious types! Everybody needs to get their hands on some Sleep-On-It, fo' sho, fo' sho.

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