Friday, March 25, 2005

"He had that snake look in his eyes."

Hank Paulson, the CEO of Goldman Sachs, is my role model du jour. He's not a self-righteous hippie more concerned with the preservation of his elitist-lefty-position than making an actual difference. It is true that you can't dismantle the master's house with the master's tools, but it is possible to change the blueprint from which the house is based on. If those in the ivory tower wield all the power, isn't it more logical to weaken it from within than attack it from without?

Systematic revolt merely replaces one extreme with another. Intolerant ideologies (on both sides of the political spectrum) and opinions of society bound in simple terms of "good" and "bad" (too psychically embedded to ever see past) complicate an already complex world. Protesters who impose their Western standard of living onto third-world countries under the guise of "aid" should be more ashamed of their utter disregard for the intricate and unique history behind the problems currently plaguing the global community than their blatant ignorance responsible for perpetuating the myths already eagerly consumed by the next generation.

I am a staunch believer in negotiation procedures, however time consuming. Who knows? It may force generals to delay carnage to do some holiday shopping; let bureaucrats figure things out (an oxymoron in itself). Although progress comes at the heels of revolution, it does not necessarily translate to human advancement. We are as we were as we'll always be for our purpose is our hindrance.

Friggin' jerkwads who correspond my shopping addiction with preserving the status quo need to re. cog. nize. *imagine that came out vaguely threatening and self-aggrandizing*


Mmm ... Nutella straight from the jar.

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