Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Wow ... I'm gawky

As I stood up to exit the university shuttle bus, a well-dressed man smiled at me. (What can I say? I'm shallow.)

"Do we know each other?" I asked him after a double-take.

"I'm sort of the ... information desk guy who ..."

... helped me find the right room in the right building just as I was about to slip my homework under the door of a closet! Hehe, he remembered me.

But damn! I don't remember him being this cute. (Then again, from that past post, I gathered he was a "[h]ot racist" though he was definitely no racist.)

"Heh," I chirped back. "You'll see me asking for information again sooner or later."

What sort of a lame line was that? Where was the usual spunky sexual innuendos? On top of that, I shook his hand which made him chuckle. MADE HIM CHUCKLE! I was like a big-bottomed baby being humoured by an inconceivably patient adult. That or he was just nervous. Did I mention he was cute? Not M. Biologique scruffy handsome, but scruffy cute like ... Jay Hernandez! Oh yeah, definitely. Looks exactly like his character in Crazy/Beautiful, shaved head, Hispanic and all. (Didn't I say I was shallow?)

Anyway. I might ask him out. If anything, I could get an alternative route to the washroom out of the deal.


I bought a retro-looking laundry hamper on Mont Royal today. Stainless steel, canvas, wheels. You know the drill. I've actually been thinking about purchasing it for quite some time now (well, "some time" for me since a month never fails to feel like an eternity), but this notoriously pricey shop was situated so inconveniently far that it took me ages to convince myself to pencil it in as a can't-wait errand to finally make the long trek there. Also got a bamboo rug thing that goes perfectly with my couch.

Total cost of unnecessary home accessories: Unapproved by sane mothers everywhere.

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