Sunday, February 13, 2005


I have two midterms tomorrow I'm unmotivated to study for. I put off the readings for days. This is my study break.

I was clipping my nails when I got a-thinking about Shining Time Station. (I never really got into the show as a tot, but it provided a reason for the TV to be on.) Maybe it was a case of repressed childhood nostalgia or maybe it was due to what the trains connoted, a la the last scene in North by Northwest. In any case, the image of Mr. Conductor in his navy blue suit, all dapper and cute, floated against a fuzzy mental backdrop ravaged by time.

Hold up, hold up, I said to myself. What the ...? as facial details abruptly materialized from the fog. Ringo Starr?! Did Ringo Starr play Mr. Conductor? Weird that had I known who was playing this miniscule man, I would've been more apt to pay attention to a show that did nothing for me. I didn't even notice when George Carlin replaced the legendary drummer, hypothesizing the apparent conspiracy to homogenize the entire Sunday afternoon lineup with middle-aged, bearded men ("Eric's World" and "Sharon, Lois & Bram's Elephant Show" come to mind). Then again, it might've just been a Canadian thing, a transitional phase in the early '90s aimed at shedding our lumberjack heritage for a more universal appealing image like Jim Carrey's 1994 star turn as a clean-shaven butt puppeteer temping as a pet detective.

What a meaningless catharsis that was. Now back to studying ... and starving ... because there is absolutely NO FOOD IN MY FRIDGE.

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