Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Starvation Mode

It's 2:29 p.m. on Tuesday, February 15th. My fingers are tapping on this here keyboard. What does this all mean?

I survived Valentine's Day unscathed (but a bit bloated).

The back-to-back COMS midterms I did were embarrassingly easy. Is this university or Devry on cinderblocks?

Although I was less than stressed, the traditional connotations of "back-to-back midterms" provided a reason to go shopping anyway (on a balance so meagre, Rick Springfield would shy from envying). I went ahead and bought Blink, Fat, and Max Tivoli (a sequencing of titles that make me out to look like a snuff film recruiter). I swung by a store and dug around for a wallet, struggling between a Renato Balestra or a Perry Ellis. (Balestra won by a slim margin of geographic snobbery.) Picked up a pair of square-rimmed Blumarine aviator shades and hopped over to school for some java. Met up with KelDoll before spending the rest of the evening with NorIda, gorging at Soupes Et Nouilles. The Boy did give me a chaste kiss, but that was the extent of my brush with intimacy on the vilest commercial holiday of the year.

Fucking Hallmark, always trying to get everyone to outdo everybody else while driving us, self-effacing singles to make do in dimly-lit alleys behind Indian-owned convenience stores in an effort to escape the blinding, decorative sheen of cupid's bloody arrow dipped in heroin derived from the stains found at a weekend showing of Deep Throat.

But I survived and it's gone and dealt with. Good riddance.

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