Monday, February 07, 2005


My Intro. to Digital Media class was cancelled today. I wrote a blog entry on the COMS 256 website and was looking forward to Professor S's feedback, which I always appreciate. I was close to completing the first draft when I asked Math Judas to proofread it. Well, hardy har har, I accidentally reloaded the page and lost everything. (I didn't think to save.) This is the clumsily re-written entry, shorter than the original, finished in about six minutes and corrected in one to make the midnight deadline. (I'm already preparing for the appearance of journalism-induced brow lines caused by ample exposure to concentratis maximus.) Here it is, unedited. (Soyez gentil):


Sony Corp. might not make the launch date for the European release of PlayStation Portable (PSP), their answer to Nintendo's monopolistic hold on the gaming market.

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The PSP is the next evolutionary step in multimedia electronics. There seems to be a race to combine as many capabilities into gadgets as scientifically possible. From a consumer perspective, the compelling evidence citing a desire for multi-functional machines seems to point us towards a philosophical pondery. At risk of sounding deterministic, the miniaturization of technology is heading towards a limb-like existence. By this, I mean, although these separate entities - living and non-living - are theoretically detached; mentally, we've come wholly dependent (or more optimistically, interdependent) on the basis of its design function. In essence, technology is merely an extension of ourselves. When limited to the field of communication, TV, radio, telephone, Internet, etc. make use of our visual, aural, verbal, kinetic abilities. And from the way things look, we might very well be on the verge of another adaptative evolutionary milestone.

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