Friday, February 25, 2005

Material Therapy

Seven bags of groceries. Two hands. The bus ride home was awful, I say. Awful! I was knocking over everyone around me. Unmoved, that fat geezer who looked like Santa Claus before he turned legit refused to acknowledge my dilemma and crossed his arms as he glared at me - or maybe not, since he was wearing shades - like he was ... judging me. Jerkosaur.

Thought I'd do some errands yesterday considering it was Day 4 of Lily's Week of Awful Loneliness. Splurged at M.A.C. and Le Body Shop and bought 90 dollars worth of groceries because I honestly did not have any food in my apartment. I didn't even have crackers to nibble on. Okay, that's a lie. I do have crackers, but that's it. Alright, I have crackers and tea but that's not sustainable nutrition (unless you're Nicole Ritchie, weighing in at a reportedly 97-pounds. I thought her coke days were over?)!

Going to clean up this rat hole today and study some French. Mom called me to say we (as in, the family) might be going to China this year at the end of June. Which means shopping (single most overused word of the week, I know), schlepping, and searching for a new Montreal apartment to move into sooner than expected. Whoop, whoop!


As I was going to retrieve a package from the pharmacy, a much older man honked his horn at me from behind and turned his car into the street ahead of me. Thinking that he needed directions (which I, sadly, would not have been able to give), I walked towards him and looked into the passenger seat at a good, safe distance.

"Tu es tres belle!" he proclaimed as he rushed to roll down the window.

"Oh," I said, a bit flustered. "Merci."

"Mmm, tsk tsk tsk," he continued. "Mon dieu!"

By then, I knew I really had to get away (which I did, but no sooner had I done so did he drive past me smacking his lips, winking and waving, before finally taking off). It was so surreal, Felliniesque even. Like something out of La Dolce Vita but uncomfortably so. Overt sexual attention makes my skin crawl. I suppose I never got it in my younger years to fully appreciate it for what it's worth. (Nothing, for one.)

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