Sunday, February 20, 2005

"I'm too ashamed to call this a 'cocktail party.'"

I spent the entire day with my favourite aunt and her employees, working the rounds at a fashion expo. She gave me someone else's pass to get me in. I walked around as "Ginger Lieu," passing time playing a character with a thing for gaudy sequins and giraffe-print ponchos, a potential buyer out to piss everyone off with her condescending booth-by-booth commentaries. (Nothing beats describing crappy items to Mayesbiana on my cell within earshot of the vendors.) Aunt & Co. were previously in Las Vegas and Calgary before making it to Montreal for this three-day event. I always get clothes out of the deal. She usually divides the loot between a few garbage bags for me to carry home in, but since I'm not returning to "the armpit" this week and this season's stock isn't scheduled to arrive until next month, she's going to forward me my payment by FedEx. However, I did walk away with a cropped pea coat in brown tweed with a portrait neckline and flared sleeves. (It was an extra sample piece.) Very unconventional. Totally dandy. Absolutely fabulous. Paired with jeans and an ascot, I wouldn't look out of place in London's Soho district chomping on a cigar with a greyhound in tow.

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