Thursday, February 24, 2005

Dial-up begone!

As a young girl of moderate means, I just don't have time to sit around all day waiting for technical difficulies to be resolved. That's why I recommend Sleep-On-It, the surefire way to rid any unexpected curveballs and swirveballs life has to offer.

Sleep-On-It works great when you can't seem to figure out why the DSL light refuses to appear even though you've gone through the necessary steps to insure that it does.

"I just couldn't figure it out," says Lily, 18, student. "But after switching to Sleep-On-It, the light sort of started flickering on its own 4 hours after Sleep-On-It wore off."

Sleep-On-It is ideal when you get yourself in a jam of your own doing.

"I searched everywhere," says Lily, 18, the other one. "It wasn't like I was in a panic or anything. This was my fifth pair and I was pretty nonchalant about the whole ordeal. I knew they must've fallen out somewhere in Montreal. The question was, Where?"

She decided to "sleep-on-it" and lo and behold, she found her glasses in the lining of her tote bag.

No stress? No problem! You can still use Sleep-On-It when you want to:

-Forget your hunger pangs
-Ignore your partner's nagging
-Escape the tax man
-Collect your own life insurance
-Pretend this isn't really a bus shelter
-Believe your wife still loves you

Etc. etc. etc!

So remember: When life isn't going your way, Sleep-On-It! You'll never have to worry 'bout a thang. Praise Allah!

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