Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Cutey Patooties

The Kings of Convenience concert was terrific. Erik decided to take off his "long underwear" behind the curtain while Erlend sang "Approximately 10 Minutes" describing how although he very much enjoys signing albums and talking to fans after shows, he likes to be "left alone for approximately 10 minutes" first. When Erik appeared sans his thick, woolly, Norwegian-made long underwear, Erlend said monotonically, "I believe it is my turn now" and proceeded to do so after walking off stage. They also got an audience member to beat box to "I'd Rather Dance With You" which sounded so fucking awesome, I was dancing in my white, scallop-trimmed, jingle-bell pumps. It was hipster euphoria.

I went with NorIda and her supposedly "needy" friend who didn't show outright signs of insecurity but oh! it was there. I sensed it like a fox. (I've had a lot of experience sniffing it out during the summer of my senior year when boys were still soggy from the unappealing scent.)

NorIda gave me good advice when we went for pizza. She told me that for two and a half years she had been secretly, head-over-heels in love with this Norwegian boy she became close friends with when she studied in London. They hung out all the time, knew everything about each other, he called her his sister, etc. After a change in girlfriend and several mishaps caused via bad timing (she was living in Brazil by then), NorIda managed to snag him after years of melodrama and consequently discovered that he'd been jonesing for her all along. Except by then, both of them had become different people. They broke up and soon fell out (though, to this day, he continues to make drunken phone calls telling her how much he loves her). She asked me if I wanted to waste years of my life getting hung up over some guy who may or may not have feelings for me but retains power in influencing how I interact with other men both directly and indirectly.

"I'm telling you," she said, momentarily pausing to sip her diet coke, "I went through the same thing. You have to tell him how you feel. At least you'll know where you stand and - it's a paradox - you will grow to like him less afterwards."

The question is: What is the value of my friendship with M. Biologique? Is it worth salvaging because I am the one at fault, incapable of accepting Jetztzeit for comfort's sake or is it worth losing because I'm being led through an enclosed tunnel with the intended destination printed only on paper and the station, no longer in service?

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