Sunday, January 09, 2005

Time capsule

Had a lot of fun at Cuisiniere's. He made me and J.Lass stuffed flank steaks with mashed potatoes and spinach. Watched Indiana Jones: Temple of Doom. However, it was cut off three-quarters of the way with an episode of the Animaniacs. I got all giddy and sung along to the Pinky and the Brain theme song. Then the ominous looking Warner Bros. logo appeared with a barely audible creeping crescendo held on a single note. I looked at Cuisiniere and gasped.

"Do you know what this is?"

"No, what?"


We nearly peed in glee.

But it was rudely interrupted midway by Little Shop of Horrors, followed by Orson Welles's The Lady from Shanghai and anachronistic commercials for My Pet Pony and Frosted Flakes featuring Brett Hull.

Then we watched Quebec cable at 3 a.m. which is, of course, known for uncensored nudity and sex romps. But since I'm 18 and he's 23 and we both pretend to maintain my innocuous innocence and his assumed authority, the only X-rated show we could watch together was the Home Shopping Channel, Version: Rabbit Dildo.

Cuisiniere: "Wait, why does it have beads on one side and ..."

me: "Oh, that side you stick up your lady's ass and the other one's supposed to replace you."

J.Lass and I woke up (at noon, natch) to the scent of fresh baked banana bread muffins and watched Harold & Maude (1971). It's supposedly the source for many of Wes Anderson's ideas, which the film major - ie. Cuisiniere - can't confirm but after seeing it for myself, can't help but draw parallels too. Funny as heck. Dark as hell. And that Bud Cort sure dressed prepishly refined. Looked very delish and doable. Almost made me forget he would be physically disfigured from a road accident 8 years later.



Shopped over in Mont Royal and found a devilishly handsome, brass n' grass, Moroccan seat. Placed it in front of my full length mirror and stuck a complementary rug beneath it. Ooh la la.


Scary Stare-ker Grinning Man on metro was scary staring grinning at me. Wanting to elude him, I got off at Lucien L'Allier with J.Lass and caught the next train to Vendome. Hopped on the bus and who sat there, mouth agape, beside the only empty seat in my vicinity? I was trapped. I could do nothing but scooch over and concentrate pathetically on my game of Bejewelled.

On the phone with J.Lass later, she occasionally interjected her unbridled neighing with solemn words of understanding.

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