Monday, January 17, 2005


Done editing. Now every friend and acquaintance I've met since moving here has been given a nickname. We'll never be on a real-name basis again.


Fabulous Saturday night at Swiss Alps's. 13 friends, fondue and fracas.
(Lily + JuanaMachine) x "lively Truffaut discussion" = (M. Biologique x Jealousy) - (Usual "Restraint"). I joked to M. Biologique that if he and his (long-distance) girlfriend ever broke up, he should "totally get with" 5'11 Amazon. He asked why in a playfully suspicious manner. "She's really hot!" I explained. "Look at her!" He laughed. "Sometimes it's not the way a woman looks," he made a note of saying, "but the way she carries herself." I feigned surprise. It is apparent to Swiss Alps and me that 5'11 Amazon has a thing for M. Biologique who seems oblivious to her striking beauty (and what a beauty she is). I mean, she tags along with him to our parties forever friendless. What more of a "I want you alone" vibe do you want? On paper, they're a match made in heaven: She's a classmate, practices yoga, eats organic, plays the guitar, and has poifect bone structure. They just aesthetically ... fit. I feel inadequate in her presence and find myself purposely pushing him towards her, motioning for more closeness. (Bah, I know it's the insecurity talking). Except it is this 5'11 Amazon who is trying not to hate me (because girl sure can turn mean when she thinks M. Biologique needs rescuing from one of our mental fisticuffs) since I maintain niceties regardless of how passive/aggressive she treats me. Though, admittedly, I was more than intrigued that she inquired about what me and M. Biologique do during our frequently intimate rendezvous (when she's not, you know, keeping her true sentiments to herself.)

Ended up sleeping over at NorIda's. Have I mentioned how assertive, attentive and intelligent this girl is? Oh, and she gave me a whole box of organic tampons. How cool is that? It's worldy activism from the inside out!

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