Friday, January 21, 2005

Philosophy of Good Deeds

I walked a middle-aged lady through a MAC tutorial and continued an hour after class ended. She was so computer-illiterate, she never even came across the word "Google" until today (nor has she ever bothered with the Internet and her competency with the mouse is next to nil.) I was told how "open," "patient," and "helpful" I was, which got me thinking again.

My mom never ceases to remind me how much better I treat strangers and friends than family. I act agitated over the most minute objections, she says. But I'm someone who likes offering help, not have someone demand it from me. I enjoy it when people use common courtesy. I hate it when I'm given a "Do it because it's your frickin' job!" sort of vibe. Good ol' Chinese values, indeed.

COMS mentioned something obvious but nevertheless interesting recently. We, as social beings, are polite to one another because it keeps the lines of communication open. I don't believe I know anyone who acts the same way inside and outside the home. I know I have an SSB (secret single behaviour) that is practically unknown outside my immediate family. Now, I wonder whether it is this intent on being "true to oneself" that is the intensifying factor, the catalyst, that contributes to familial tension (or more melodramatic: the source of). It is a paradox: Wherever we are the most comfortable is where we are the least ... content. Although, to be sure, I know it varies depending on a myriad of other factors, but I guess it's something worth thinking about anyway. Well, worthwhile to me.

Crazy French Guy: "You think too much."

Lily: "Sorry to disappoint."

P.S. The lady turned out to be a film industry insider. Get me on that casting couch!


First French exam in 9 hours and ... J'AI OUBLIE D'ETUDIER!


I'd like to give a shout out to my brother who turned 9 today. Yes, he was an accident. No, it is more than compensated for.

Damn my anticipated birth!

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