Sunday, January 16, 2005

Le Fou

I cherish my blog. It's a place to vent and elaborate (in excruciating detail) all my neurosis, psychosis, paranoia and secret belligerence without having to justify myself to judgmental plebians. But this morning, 20-year-old J.Lass was kicked out of her home because of it. From what I gathered, her mom found out where she really was that innocent night at Cuisiniere's (as in, not-at-my-apartment) and, well, some people believe lying is an unforgivable cardinal sin.

My shoulders are heavy with guilt. The message her mother sent to her beeper related too closely with the things I mentioned in the post ("Muffins?" "Steak?"). "I lied," J.Lass said. "It's my fault." But it was me. I made a careless slip. I was an unknowing accomplice. I'm in utter shock and wracked with regret.

After careful consideration, rather than create an entirely new blog (an idea thrown around out of pure frustration), it would be easier just to never mention J.Lass again through this medium. This way, no one can use me to keep track of her whereabouts.

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