Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Karmic Joke

The Boy's in my communications class. You read right. Mr. See You Around couldn't keep his eyes off me or my rainbow suspenders and frequently approached me to "talk" and "touch". (And by "can't keep his eyes off me," I mean, "Alley oop: Pupil tag!") J.Lass can't for the life of her understand why he's so popular with the ladies:

"I mean, I understand why you'd like him, but when I see him, it's like ... ewww, I can't touch him. He might leave soot on my hands."

The Boy and I have also been placed in the same group to do labs together.

There you have it. A whole three months of cordial bullshit.


J.Lass: "M. Biologique is starting to get sick of the 'long-distance' in his long-distance relationship."

Is he now? Interesting ...

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