Thursday, January 27, 2005


That's the first song on the Kings of Convenience album "Riot On An Empty Street." NorIda burned the CD for me and sprung it on me in journalism class today. What a sweetheart. What a thoughtful gift.

I wish I could do something for her, but my financial situation right now is about as comforting as the Spoon Man on Ste. Cat's. Doritos has been the meal du jour for the past 3 jours. I drank all the chocolate milk from last week (ditto the store-bought lemonade). I think there are two packaged columns of crackers still sleeping on my shelf. The bacon's gone. The cheese's still here. I haven't done laundry in a week and a half. My sweaters shrunk and the ironic three-quarter length excuse will cease to jive in another washing or two. My MasterCard bill arrived in the mail and already I'm picturing a life stained by bad credit, made up of boiler rooms and bridges. Four more days, I tell myself. Hold on for four more days. The Doritos will last until supper (as garnish; it's hardly main course material this time). But my digestive organs are not convinced: "You said that Monday!" Boys, boys, I assure them. Trust me, the money's coming. I just need more time. They chime sarcastically, "If we had but world enough ... " I cut them off and blush knowingly.

At this rate, I'm anticipating a total transformation into Halle Berry's Jungle Fever character by the end of the month. Next stop: BAPS.

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