Thursday, January 13, 2005


What was I on last night? Scratch that. When did I become so uber-boy crazy? I was independent woman before Destiny's Child started pimpin' their grubby anthem to a nation of belly-baring six-year-olds who are about as independent as an annexed Sudetenland or Ted Danson's life after Whoopi Goldberg. (VH1 should ask where he is. It's only time.) No wonder there are so many career-oriented women: Income tax reports and hormonal inbalances just don't mesh no matter how big the guy's dick is.

I don't care what Al Green says: I'm not tired of being alone. Housekeeping just isn't for one pair of hands.


NorIda and I are going to see Kings of Convenience in concert next month. What! What! I can see us getting all riled up (not too much), choke some waitress (gently), and snort coke (-a cola, that is.) Good times, good times.

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