Monday, December 20, 2004


Shotgun Toter is returning from Western tomorrow. She and I might visit DenMarc at his European-style uber-market/deli and celebrate with some thinly sliced jellied meats or authentic German cheeses (or what passes for. Everything wrapped in the national colours are considered Teutonic here). We might take a trip to Toronto and act crazy, alternating between picking up our fallen appendages and dunking our heads in simmering pots of mulled wine. Cheers!


I am, again, compelled to refer to a past entry. Did I write that?! I don't know whether living in the nest was doing a doozy on me or what because it sounded like it came from someone who was, like, totally inspired by Lucy In the Sky with Diamonds after inhaling 8 cans of Red Bull and cheap cologne. (Not that I was, which, I suppose, makes it ... more incredulous?)

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