Saturday, December 25, 2004

Why bother?

There was no Christmas tree nor crystalline ornaments this year. No homemade paper stockings nor nondenominational "McMohammedchangvedere" Santa. And it was great, bordering on satisfactory.

The preceding years told the same story. Our build-it-yourself evergreen ("With colour-coded branch inserts!") was used in the family room as our primary light source (rivalled only by the sun) until the following August, when it would be packed away on a four-month long hiatus to Basementville. (Also home to Inflatable Sofa Stadium and Mahjong Meadow).

2003 ushered in unparallelled innovation. We decided to invest in a lamp. Not just a lamp, but the lamp as seen at Costcos now carrying modestly priced coffins. The only downside to this arrangement is not ever being able to turn on a string of flickering, hyper-tinted bulbs to illuminate books, food, and loved ones' faces again. Oh, and Jughead comics (which I, uh, read for the articles).


Account Balance: $0.34

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