Saturday, December 18, 2004

"She just doesn't know it."

J.Lass said she got back with Cuisiniere and she's happier than she's been in a long time. This, from someone who broke up with him in a tearful sayonara. She made it a point to ask him how attractive he found me ("I'm not the jealous type, but I just want to know [out of curiosity]") and wondered outloud why I'm still single ("I don't know why you're still single"), calling me in good faith to report her findings.

I was initially flattered by what she said by way of him. Who wouldn't want to be seen as a looker? Apparently, I'm not "hot" like the other girls she inquired about, but "foxy." The difference is that I tend to bore men because I don't overtly advertise my assets as I become more aggressive and animated in conversation. That I never pounce when they become vulnerable, that I never take advantage with my advantage. But I see no reason to flaunt the physical when my mental barricades have not been thoroughly penetrated by the opposite sex. It is not that I don't enjoy attention, it's that I only enjoy attention with the right intention. Excuse me for my snobbery. It's just that empty flattery that asserts a high degree of importance upon vanity is prosaic, at best. To be aroused by the same pair of breasts or the blinding sheen of a G-string, day in and day out, gets monotonous, no? Isn't it more satisfying to salivate over Vargas girls who don opaque negligees and look better on paper than Paris by poolside? I guess I'm nostalgic for the unknown. I guess I can't say what should turn men on. I guess some girls need their hard-earned validation. I guess some guys have it to give.

Which reminds me. Geneva D. made out with J.Lass and KournaWhora. Hooray for lite-experimentation that passes for sexual liberation! Don't you just love it when everything you do and done to you give men an eyeful and send their tongues a-wagging until the next trio of Charlie's Angels sends you packing the way of the dodo? Ah, the paradox of freewill under cautionary restraint ...

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