Friday, December 24, 2004

Good and cold

Hung-out with Shotgun Toter and acquired kick-ass rainbow suspenders for five bucks after haggling (*see: flirting) with the middle-aged owner who was offering customers vino, graham crackers, and a variety of cheeses and homemade dips piled high on a platter.

Louis was his name. His eclectic "lifestyle" store smelled of incense (*wink, wink*), but I was more interested in the crazy, novelty shades Shotgun Toter quickly summed up as looking "too Sally Jesse Raphael." I was dejected, once again failing to evoke the essence of Mandark had he been an active member of the San Franny tranny scene, circa 1981. No amount of ponchos and afghan-throws could conceal the unmistakable: He was selling whimsical frames with glittering, serpentine flourishes that would've had RuPaul going, "Honey, that might be a bit much."

Aye, quel dommage the price wasn't worth the invested short-term laughs.

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