Friday, December 17, 2004

Back to the past

What do I miss most about home? Being served piping hot food without prior preparation.

The trip back was rather uneventful unless you count the hour delay due to "signalling difficulties." Although, there was a man with Beetlejuice eyes who kept pulling a Jack Nicholson on his cell phone, talking like everyone was interested in what he had to say. The self-narration was all too apparent when he whipped out that high-tech piece of equipment to update whoever was on the other line the train's various guestimated arrival times with no concern of his volume.

Another thing I miss about home: TV. Lord, I haven't watched it in over three months. The irony is, I was reducd to a zombie-like state while watching a late-showing of Batman Forever (Val Kilmer's Keaton), which was the very intent of the Riddler's TIVO-like box. (As in, the cult following. Not the, erm, mind-numbing aftereffects).

So I'm back, I'm back, I'm back and my family's being very nice about staying out of my way, yet still feeding me like their own (because well, I am their own; just an undeserving, spoiled one).

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