Saturday, June 05, 2004

My birthday is today. What do I have planned?

Nothing ... yet.

However, this is a good day to purge all bitterness and resentment. Like how the Class Pet got 95% for three units of art even though her sculpture exploded in the oven. And mine broke into three pieces and I got 74%. Oh well, you win some, you lose some. Sometimes you lose over 10 percent from where you need to be for a scholarship, but c'est la vie.

To sum it up: I hate art class, especially that Beatnik for a teacher (I hope she falls off a cliff after straying away from her pod people).

But I do have a theory that female instructors are naturally bias and less objective than their male counterparts (sue me Gloria Steinem, but I'm stickin' to it). Like Murgy, the Math Looney, who couldn't "take [my] crap anymore" because the principal ordered me to continue signing into her class (after I've already passed it) so I wouldn't show up as a part-time student, consequently, losing one person's worth of funding. Not like the money was invested in me, but that's bureaucratic garbage for you.

There's got to be something wrong with our education system when our school's dictator is driving a Mercedes-Benz, and we don't have enough transparency sheets for presentations to last us half a semester.

And hippies. God, I hate them. Self-centered fuckers who smoke Clorox-soaked weed at the park, then Hallelujah! they've suddenly become an enlightened guru of politics, economics, and philosophy, who try to dole out (unwanted) advice that isn't practical even if it pertained to their own lives.

"Vegetarianism saves animals."

Alright buddy. What about the field rodents that are killed during harvest? Did you think we still shipped slaves from Fort James to hand pick our food? Did you also think "Yes'sum" was a form of common courtesy?

"Lily, you don't know shit. If everyone rode bikes and thought alike, our world will be a better place. For real, man."

Didn't Robespierre try that? Censoring all forms of self-expression isn't even realistic, and to think "Utopian" while sidestepping the very traits that define us as "human" is so ... Holy crap, I don't even know where to begin! And riding bikes? If you had a family of six to feed, living in New Delhi, do you really think pollution is the first thing on your mind when you need to get to work before sunrise?

"I only wear second-hand clothing because I don't support cheap labour."

Okay, this one is a touchy subject, so I posted the article I wrote for my school newspaper here.

Hippies can skip school and hand out leaflets all they want, but please, if they have something to say, say it at the YMCA during Deaf Week. I think I can get someone to give me better advice than a kid who pops Paxil like it's the only thing keeping his clothes on, while rationalizing that his premature ejaculation has more to do with attaining inner-peace than having the wiener control of a 12 year old boy.


I love my birthday.

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