Tuesday, June 08, 2004

The horror, the horror! My mom's voting Conservative.

I don't know who I'm living with anymore:

"I vote for ... Not Liberal. Ah, who last time give free food to poor, Leelee?"

"The NDP?"

"Yes, yes. No good, so stupid. What party left?"

"The Green Party, Conservatives ..."

"Yes, Conservatives. I vote them. They do good work. Lazy welfare people, no give money to."

"But ma! You can't ...!"

"Aw-ways so rich, drive better car than me and they no work!"

The Conservatives are exploiting the issue of abortion in their campaign, saying how they will offer counselling to those seeking an abortion, and maybe even ban abortion all together (Okay, I'm exaggerating, but that's quote unquote from some punk girl at my school.)

At the Spectator, reporters are speculating that although people aren't supporting the Liberals as much this year (due to the sponsorship scandal), most people would still prefer to see them as our minority government than see the Conservatives take home the majority.

Whatever. I'm probably voting for some fringe party a kid from PEI made up while peeling potatoes at his aunt's farm.

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