Sunday, May 02, 2004

Model UN was so freakin' awesome!

Day One:

General Assembly 1 talked about world security so terrorism was obviously the topic du jour. I tried to put San Marino on the map somehow. Since most people weren't exactly representing their country, moreso, their own opinion, I went up there and said, "San Marino is a small country with limited resources and doesn't have a history of terrorism. Why should we contribute to an organization designed to only hunt down terrorists?"

The answer I got from the Russian Federation delegate was, "Because it might affect you [since terrorism is an international problem.]"

I asked for a supplementary (follow-up question) but it wasn't allowed at the time.

When St. Kitt's became a speaker and more or less stated the same thing as I did, I yelled out, "And San Marino!" so he would list me as one of the small countries with no concerns of terrorism. I was surprised they didn't yell back, "Decorum, decorum!"

I spoke a few times during the "controversy" over France's dress code policy, but considering it's a domestic issue, why was the UN getting involved? A few people stated it was against "human rights," but I clarified that not being able to wear religious apparel in public schools did not mean you couldn't practice your faith. And then Algeria, I believe, said it's easier for Christians to take off a cross than it is for Muslims to take off their head scarves. And I, representing my country, said, "San Marino, being a predominantly Catholic country, is offended that someone said it would be easier for Christians to take off their crosses than it is for Muslims to take off their scarves. It is offensive and hypocritical." This was during the informal debate.

After the first day, everything sort of went downhill. At least, since I was in the S section, I was able to fall asleep without the Chairs seeing me.

I met really wonderful people at the University of Toronto. Specifically, one class from Oakville. Our personalities were so alike! So on the last day (yesterday), Zerrin invited me to her house before the banquet started. I made a really terrific strapless black on white polka dotted dress out of scratch. I'm talking, Zerrin's friend had to safety pin my back. Good thing I went to her house because I don't know how I would've pulled off a dress in the Union station washroom. Also met Tim (a metrosexual without the vanity), Dan (we said he looked like David Carradine's son on Kung Fu 'cept blonde), Sam (short for something else; thinks every girl he meets is in LOVE with him: "That girl there, she wants me."), some other girl with an S name whom, I sensed, not everyone liked, and Phillip, my faux-crush of three days (along with Katie's Madagascar and Rhandall's France, whom I got to know during our interview for my article for the Spec.)

He wore a grey pinstriped suit and white collared shirt sans tie. Just so darn cute, like puppy in punk clothing. A vegetarian with table manners. Really considerate, nice, funny, no weird dark personality traits, no brooding bullshit, and also taken *sigh*.

But that didn't stop me from hitting on him and him feeding me from his fork. Like Rhandall said, "He's not taken until 1 a.m," which was when the banquet ended. But we all left at around 11:30 p.m. (my mom picked me up) because it was getting too boring. The songs sounded the same, and people in the foyer were playing poker.)

Anyway, I met really fantastic drama class kids with outgoing personalities and good taste in music whom I will definitely be staying in contact with.

Good stuff that Model UN. With so many hot, smart, charismatic guys, it's the best unpublicized pick-up place period.

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