Wednesday, May 05, 2004

"Listen Lily. You're not taking this seriously enough. You're just being a smartass," says Ms. Special K ("Special" because she's menopausal and emotional.)

She resigned as the supervisor for Pawprints today. I vented to Mr. O about it:

"It's not like she ever actually supervises. She's too emotionally unstable to do anything around here. And it's three measly words: Pee on her. It was supposed to be ironic. Number 6 on my list of How to Get Her to Dump You was 'Bring on the Kink.' I put a disclaimer at the bottom, stating that if you want to keep your girl, I advise you to do the exact opposite of what was written. It's not like I was forcing anyone to buy the paper. Students chose to pay 50 cents for the issue, thereby, officially accepting it as is. Oh no, my Thumbs Up for Cheap Labour article doesn't raise an eyebrow, but as soon as something that hints on sex appears, insta-prudes send in the Marines. So now there's no supervisor. Therefore, no Pawprints."

Mr. O: "I'll take her place. As you know, Ms. Special K is, as you said, emotionally unstable. Forget about the principal, forget about K. Just apologize to shut them up."

I love Mr. O. If I was the marrying kind, I'd marry him.

Fashion show ended today. Oh man, I was wearing my prom dress while this girl, Lexy Carter, designed the rest. Let's just say, the unofficial theme is "Tarzan-ish." Microscopic minis, laced up booty shorts, and slit up to there boob wrappers. Walking after all of them, I put my hand near my face from embarassment (though also to block some of the light.) Duh-amn ...

Concordia University accepted me into the Journalism/Communication Studies joint program. YAH! I'm going to Montreal!

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