Wednesday, May 19, 2004

I've been updating my fashion database on my computer. "What's a fashion database?" you ask. What a silly question, you brutish fiend, dallier of dregs.

I've been collecting runway photos since the beginning of 2003. But I've dug myself into a big hole because now I have to keep this massive file folder (that contains 100 individual designer collections) current and up-to-date.

I collect the major Parisian and Milanese shows (Victor & Rolf, YSL, etc.) and the smaller New York and London based shows (Daryl K, Evisu, etc.) I scour the Internet for pictures from international fashion weeks, but hardly any of them are all that impressive (though Montreal and Toronto's fashion week has been making some ripples.) Rio de Janeiro premiered the first ever reverse thong: Yes, a thong that covers your butt cheeks and has a cut-out to frame your bum crack. That'll, uh, fly off the shelves; selling like, um, hotcakes ...

This "database" has been very useful; aesthetically ... divine. When girlfriends want a certain look, but are vague with the details or don't know what to say to their seamstress, I look through my files and give them a look similar to what they want then give them the tailoring terms to use.

And honestly, what could be better than predicting trends and influencing society's take on beauty and self-expression -- considering no one is an original until someone approves.

I sometimes dream of sitting in a position that requires okaying where society is headed. Fashion, scarily enough, is it.

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