Thursday, May 06, 2004

I was verbally assaulted by a woman with three kids on the bus today. Let me explain.

She had a non-stop crying child in the stroller with her on the bus. She also had two other under-fives with her.

Now this baby (bless her beating heart) was crying like a jailbird walking the green mile at Alcatraz. She just wouldn't shut the fuck up. Cried from Gore Park to Rymal. Meaning, downtown to the other side of the mountain. With her for a good 40 minutes (but seemed like days.)

So mid-trip home, I turned around (amongst the now edgy bus riders) and asked the lady (who, if you must know, was carrying on a conversation with her neighbour, seemingly immune to her child's screams), quote, "May I ask what your baby wants?"

"Ugh! She's sick!"

I mouth "Oh" and sank into my seat. I thought that was the end of it, but no.

15 minutes later when she was getting off the bus, she walks up to me and says, "My child is sick! You're rude! Don't *bleep, bleep, bleep* and *bleep*"

"I ... what? I don't know what to ... Okay. I asked what was wrong ... I mean, I asked what your baby wanted ..."

I think she said "Fuck you" in reply, but am sure she flipped me off outside.


So I go home and told Math Judas about it and he chastized me for being so insensitive. Basically said how I could be so tactless, not knowing the mother's situation. I acted selfishlessly and tried to rationalize my way out when I try to explain my actions.

This was in reply to my whole, "Why should people who choose not to have children lay out the red carpet for those who do? I mean, I don't see people letting me get away with stuff because I'm sans child."

Yes, this comes from the heliocentric world of a teenager, but there are a lot of things people get away with just because they choose to live a certain way. I don't want to get into it, but I don't think I come from a completely invalid perspective.

Oh well. I admit I was impulsive and got impatient with a child. But above all else, I'm afraid to see this woman on the bus again.

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