Monday, May 03, 2004

I saw the weirdest guy on the bus today.

Okay, so you knew there was something wrong with him when he was able to carry on an animated conversation with the Italian-looking grandpa of a bus driver.

I didn't give him much thought until my eyes wandered into his vicinity during the ride up the escarpment.

He does this creepy ... mad scientist-ish ... uh ... Let me start again.

Him. Has Jack Nicholson's Joker smile with fangs. Him. Does this hand rubbing motion like some German Expressionist villain. Him. Smile stretches from ear to ear, eyes-wide, while rubbing hands together, turning his head to face the back of the bus while in this trance-like state. Him. Goes back to staring into space; sometimes railing, sometimes ringer. Him. Repeats described motion about every four seconds (yes, I counted.)

I didn't know if he even knew he was doing it. It seemed like he had no control over whatever it was that was making him do it. And everytime he did it, I was reminded of Speed and the part where Keanu Reeves tricks Dennis Hopper into thinking no one was escaping from the bomb-fused bus because the tape was rewound on a time loop.

Oh man, but the horror! THE HORROR! didn't hit me until I saw his shoes. I say, five velcro straps ON EACH FOOT is an understatement!

Ugh. Velcro: Gone the way of the fishnet.


One month until my 18th birthday.

Finally, I'm able to ... vote.

Yah ...

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