Friday, May 14, 2004

Finally, I've been published. Oy, it's been a long time in the making. Apparently, the World Issues teacher only read the title and people laughed: "Nerds Not In It For Words."

Sexy Spinster said I tried to convince readers they weren't nerds, but ended up showing the opposite.

Gary, the cross-eyed photographer, took their picture. I had to try to position myself in front of him without him noticing.

"Hi, I'm Gary."

... This way.

"I think I can handle it from here."

... That's the fan.

Giselle told me she read my article in the paper today (Giselle of "I'm marrying my mans who resembles the love child of Shrek and Smurfette if one of them fattened up [more] and the other one ... ah, my eyes, my eyes!")

I found it in the library, already clipped, snipped and ready for filing. Saw Dior Boy hanging 'round the area and gushed, "I'm published, I'm published!" He feigned interest by faking it. "Ooh, ooh!" he chided back.

Who's he callin' a prospective failure? Jerk. Got all snooty because he applied to the prestigious music program at the U of T (who have yet to accept him.) So he might be going to Humber College, though that was supposed to be kept on the downlow.

Did my Royal Conservatory grade 3 history exam today. I crammed all last night. Memorized the life of Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Berlioz, Chopin, Debussy, etc. And their representational works in detail. Were they on the test?

Hellll no.

Okay, one. But I'm expecting 80s or if they're generous ('cause I sure am, paying $72 for their services) somewhere in the 90s. It's good that I casually skimmed through the book beforehand or I wouldn't have got any questions that dealt with Schubert or Stravinsky.

Fuck it, I am a nerd.


Still waiting for Rose to get accepted into Concordia for accounting because without her, how am I to survive on my own as a lone Anglophile amongst Francophones? How will I know the difference between baguette and Fouquette? Lunch and le lunch? Soup and souper?


Steven Cojocaru ("Cojo") said on the Today Show that the new "It" thing for starlets to wear now are convertible ponchos. Yes, cotton ponchos that convert to *gasp!* drawstring skirts!

Mother Hubbard! I've done that months in advance! I'm going to patent my fashion fancies to myself. This is getting ridiculous! Is Orlando Bloom going to start baring his bum now?

Oh God, I hope so.

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