Saturday, May 22, 2004

*By the way, the men in "Troy" are so steamin' hot, they're lucky they're imprinted on celluloid because if not, you bet your horse-drawn buggy they would've been ravaged by every single member of the audience (men and woman alike.)

Orlando Bloom? Fiiiiine. Does an awesome scene where he's naked, and the bed infront of him covers just below his pelvic bones and I was reminded of D'Angelo in his music video for "Untitled (How Does It Feel?)"

Eric Bana plays the older, wiser, scruffier brother with the gentler soul (I assume he had a gentle soul, I didn't pay much attention since he was flexing his muscles, brain and otherwise, for the duration of the movie.)

Serious homosexual undertones though. Belly-baring knitted tops? Leather skirts? Swords and spears?! Sexy nonetheless!

Go see this terrible, bad, bad, bad, bad movie for the eye-candy. I read that Kruger, who plays Helen of Troy, isn't considered all that beautiful; she passes for a good-looking waitress. That her face launched not a thousand ships, but a thousand sandwiches.

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