Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Ah, good old platonic dates with sexual undertones. There's the ever-lingering tension, but you don't feel guilty leaving on a friendly note.

Yes, the best kind of date is one where there's no repercussions for your actions.

Talked to Beck-a-Like today. Still as nice as ever ... mmm, nice as ever ... Probably attached as ever, but nevertheless.

Principal wants to revoke my school newspaper from the Toronto Star competition due to the article about 10 Ways to Get Her to Dump You. WHAT'S THE BIG DEAL WITH 'PEEING ON HER'?! It's a joke! It was sarcasm! I'm sorry I didn't get the memo that outlined everything that offends people, including exaggerated examples of sex. Obviously, if my point was "Bring Out The Kink," I'm not going to use "Do the missionary position" as an example to prove it.

Then again, anything that involves sex is off-limits, unless it involves NOT doing it. Stupid schizo society.

I wasn't advocating the behaviour. "But there will always be a portion of the population who will take your advice literally." If you take advice from a satirical school newspaper literally, you need to see if syphillis hasn't already ravaged your brain.

I'm going to fight for my right (no, not to party a la Beastie Boys) to write for my target audience. I'm not going to censor myself because it MIGHT offend people outside my demographic. Priests don't go flipping through back issues of Honcho ... Okay, bad example. Alright, animal lovers are most likely not going to flip through an issue of Tenderloin Times. Students didn't complain about my work. They saw the humour in it. Principal Bowman didn't.

Pfft. She looks like a life-sized Cabbage Patch kid (God bless her fascist heart). I'm leaving this year; just wish I didn't stir shit up so close to graduation.

I can see it now:

"Credits? What credits? Take your silly ass back to grade 9."

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