Wednesday, April 07, 2004

York University accepted me for Professional Writing, Communications and Sociology. The prior is the very first time it is offered; the only one of its kind in Canada (apparently.)

I'm ecstatic. Until I read the reviews from University Report Card ...

Off-Campus Life: "Well, for anyone who wants to know, York University is located between Black Creek Pioneer Village, a quaint tourist attraction, Concord ON, future home of big box strip malls, Jane and Finch, notorious ghetto type community, and the fine, fine oil storage yards of Esso, Shell, and all other great oil companies of North America/Canada. I'd have lots of fun....if I was a squirrel with a crack habit."

On-Campus Life: "I do not think that any girl including myself feels safe on campus at night because of all the sexual assualts that have taken place. Our professor always warn us about being careful at night when we have late classes with them and that is not very comforting either."


Okay, so the good reviews override the bad and I'm being a priss. But I don't want to develop a crack habit! I DON'T!

I don't want my "worldly womanly wiles" to get ahold of me and tie me to the back of a pick-up truck, driven by an unidentified toothless male who wears a lot of plaid and paisley.

On the Maclean's website, it ranked York 8th under "Comprehensive" and Concordia 7th. That's not too bad then ... It's the whole country we're talking 'bout here. The biggest pro living in Toronto would be the fact that I would have a paid condo to live in and my mom being nearby. The biggest pro living in Montreal would be the metropolitan atmosphere.

Decisions, decisions ... I've been accepted and I'm STILL a failure.

Math Judas wonders about my Jewish-like neurosis sometimes ... I'm Woody Allen without the penchant for Asians.

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