Saturday, April 03, 2004

Walked down Main St. today and went to Milli's, a designer boutique I've never seen before.

I few weeks ago, I saw this *ahem* dress in its window display, just calling out to me, "Lily, wear me. Lily, love me. Look how perfectly I'd drape over your body. The sheen, already, reflected in your drool."

I don't want to describe it because it's for prom, but the colour was to die for. TO DIE FOR! Anyway, it was by Iceberg (made in Italy? You betcha nards it was). I asked the sales ladies whether or not it was still available, and they called up Toronto's showroom and told me that only 3 other versions exist, the smallest size being a 6. It was also $1050 ... tax not included.


One lady recommended that I try on this black jersey dress with rhinestone clasps. I felt like Jenny Lo. with the plunging neckline. It was actually cute, but the hem was too plain ... and it was $350.

I checked out their Stuart Weitzman shoe collection and spotted a floral Valentino dress hanging nearby. By that time, I was too scared to touch anything and left empty-handed.

Finding clothes is such a pain in the ass for me because I'm around a size 2. The problem isn't that I'm emaciate-looking (because I'm not), but that I have not-big-enough breasts. They're not mosquito bites, but they're not "juicy, juicy, mangoes" either. So there lies my problem. Sometimes, having big kahunas serve you well ... especially on special occasions. I wouldn't enjoy the back pain nor the eventual sagging, but I'd like to have some plump melonas on certain days of the year (i.e. birthday, Lunar birthday, Christmas, Hallowe'en, Valentine's, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, Yom Kippur, New Year, Chinese New Year).

In another note: Entire family went to Washington, D.C. this morning to go see cherry blossoms, leaving me home alone for two days. I think I'm going to order in some Swiss Chalet ... online!

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