Saturday, April 10, 2004

Trying Out Surrealism

Description: Heart; shape of South America; gun handle; butterknife; butter; fumes in the shape of $; maze in the centre, fetus, broken fencing in the background.

Jaysus! One minute, pictures work on Blogger, the next they don't. It's a hassle!

Okay, this is a picture of the painting I just finished working on concerning Latin American gang violence. I hope she gives me an okay mark on it ... especially after I told Shabby the last mark she gave me (82%) was "bullshit." And yet, she reacted cordially and sympathetically.

She's killing me with kindness!

I didn't realise it was (Salvadore) Dali-esque until the central object was complete, so I decided to rip off the background colour scheme from his Meditation Rose.

So sue me.

I don't know why Shabby's so hard on me. She gives out 90s to everyone else like candy, but never with me. She avoids passing good grades to me like a hooker avoids the police. Ah well, life isn't fair ... but I want to get that entrance scholarship! How am I supposed to do that with her when she has a personal vandetta against me?!

Ms. Ronald says she only does that because she thinks I have potential. Oh, what an ego stroke, that one is, eh? But doubtful it's true. Shouldn't she be hard on someone who's going into art? I mean, they're the ones who need the added pressure to be better.