Monday, April 12, 2004

Making prom dress instead. Teet Taunter went to a funeral Monday (why does it sound like an excuse 'cause he's too lazy to drive?) and, more or less, broke our plans! Aye ya!

Going to rehash the middle school dress I wore to grad into a pleated pink number a la Carrie Bradshaw on the 5th season finale of Sex at that wedding party. Planning to go wild and crazy 80s.

That is, if we're having a cheap prom anyway.

Promenading with one is one thing, but promenading with none? I shudder the thought. Grade nines need to turn out for it. I mean, those goddamn sports people (who I heard, okay "linguistically imagine," fist each other in the locker room, howling in a mixture of pain and pleasure), 5th year returnees and smokers are intimidating the juniors mints from coming, but it's a dance! Sports people get drunk when they show up; returnees already had their own prom; and smokers ... well, they'll find a malignant tumour in their lung between now and Wednesday. Nuff said.

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