Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Carlton University accepted me into their journalism program (supposedly the best in the country.) They also offered me an $8000 scholarship. Pretty good, though the location is ass.

Going to wait for Concordia University's acceptance letter now.

Tried to convince Christian Scrawnwich that Jesus never existed. Now that's a challenge that I willed myself to go through with. His last words to me yesterday, "I will prove to you that some Christians [fed to the lions at the Roman Coliseum] have seen Jesus!"

Hudders asked me to be in the citywide, student-run, fashion show two weeks from now. I have to make something original. Decided to wear the prom dress I made. Pale pink, strapless, Stella McCartney Spring/Summer 2004-looking, draped folds in the front, longer tail in the back, jewelled clasp between sweetheart neckline.

My dad needs to get the illegal satellite up and running again. ExpressVu is legal, thus, providing less entertainment for the buck. My mom cut off the Fashion Channel because ... well ... obviously I watched it too much. That and the Food Network.

DirecTV has stuff from almost every era, shown on a daily basis.

Mr. O and I were discussing movies again. I brought up the fact that it's good that old and obscure movies aren't accepted by mainstream culture because I wouldn't be able to afford them otherwise (similar case: jazz and Classical CDs). He said, and I quote, "Yeah, it's good to have good taste."

Did he just say that? Is he *gasp!* more judgmental than I thought? Oh my goodness, he's *blink, blink* ... human!

I told him I wanted to see Spellbound (2002) and he looked up the title for me on the public library website. It gave him one result: Spellbound (1945)

"By Hitchcock?"

He nodded and tapped his temple.

It was a rare moment only a nerd could respect.

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