Tuesday, April 06, 2004

The business reporters asked me to shadow them. Al~right.

Note to self: Need to be more aggressive getting the things I want. Was in art class today and for the first time, I was accused of being "aggressive." The transformation is actually astounding. It's the equivalent of Jesus to tramp within a period of 4 years. Have been getting to know Artificial Sweetener these past few weeks. He and I have been battling wits, except it doesn't work out too well when I'm expected to churn out Wilde-ian comebacks when I'm not feeling angry/pissed/annoyed.

Description? Um ... he's 19 years old (I think), has less hair than a model with a Brazillian, tall, scruffy, chiselled facial features and ... er ... Caucasian?

Anyway, back to me being "aggressive." What's wrong with knowing what I want and getting it? I personally don't believe I'm aggressive. I think I handle people assertively (and properly.) I think I'm calm, cool, and collected (when I need to be) and when I'm not, well ... I might just have to beat you up with a binder *wink, wink, Bible Cop*

I cut to the chase. I speed up the uncomfortable process. I get to the fuckin' point.

Maybe I'm just sick of having it so easy all the time. I want to be shaken, not stirred! I want to start drama, beat up old ladies, drown some puppies, burn some flaxen hair. In the words of Lily (repeated back to me by La Polish Lothario): "I'm just a good girl looking for a good boy TO FUCK ME AGAINST A BATHROOM STALL!"

In laymen's terms: I want to grab fate by his balls, blow him 'til he's sore, and make him beg for more!

That came out so dirty ...

Ooh, 6 more days until I go vintage shopping with gay boyfriend!

Also, official personal shopper for Disgruntled Ms. Ronald and prom stylist for Brit Brit Blondie. My life finally has some meaning.

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