Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Was thrown off the bus today.

"What is this?"

"My bus pass?"

"It's says April."


"Pay $2."

"Why would you sell it in March then?"

"Because people buy ahead of time."


"Let me off."

I hate bus drivers so much. You're allowed to use an old pass one day into the new month, but not a new pass, one day before the month begins?

At the Spec today, I joined the in-company photographer, Paul, to a trip to the Conservation place to watch the a preview of the upcoming "thingy" (aka. reenactments of a fur trade settlement between the years 1650-1925.)

It was literally ... one of the most humiliating, yet hilarious, things I've ever see. These volunteers take their beaver pelts very seriously. Paul wanted a shot of them paddling a canoe in a pond (ie. a ditch that just so happened to be filled with water due to the rain.) One guy was paddling this way, the other, that way; so we all thought they were stuck in mud. All the while, the child is waving cautiously to us, in case the damn thing tipped over.

Everyone heads for the nearby cabin for some grade F quality acting. Two actors in period dress (capotes = old coats) haggle fur, while this guy, Rob, corrects their speech: "It's not high, it's thick." This was for CH14 Cable News.

Soon afterwards, they set up another play job. Rene Robert LaSalle (Rob in costume *rolls eyes*) walks in and starts speaking French: "Eh?! Je m'appelle LaSalle! Ah ... er ... ca va?"

Girl #1: "I don't speak French."

Old Man #2: "Say ca va."

Girl #1: "Ca ... va."

LaSalle: "Oh ho ho! Ca va, ca va! Tres bon! Je suis fatigue! Je suis chaud! Je suis froid!"

Girl #2: "Ca va."

Old Man #1: "Tres chaud! Ca va!"

LaSalle: "Ah, ca va! Magnificent! Incroyable! Tres bien!"

Girl #2: "Ca va."

Old Man #1: "Ooh la la! Tres chaud!"

It was so awful, the re-enactment. I couldn't stop laughing in the corner room, with Paul, eating chilli (pretty good, actually.)

The other photographer and camera man kept hitting on me. It was so embarrassing. In addition to the fact that I was wearing white pumps, skinny jeans, a lace top, and some Viktor & Rolf-inspired vest wrap, walking around the woodlands, jumping over mud ... and landing in more mud.

Oh man, good times, good times. Told Rick about it. He thought it was hilarious. Then I pitched my column idea to him: "Talking to Eccentrics in Hamilton."

He liked it. What type of eccentrics are we talking about here? he asked. You know, the guy with the food particles stuck in his matted hair, I replied. Everyone wants to know what his story is. Oh, those people. But don't go looking for junkies, I was warned. Oh, I won't, I laughed.


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