Tuesday, March 09, 2004

An old Italian man yelled at me on the half-empty bus today.

"Did you pay for your bag to sit there?!"

"No, but I could if I wanted to."

"Oh, you getting smart now?"

"No, I am trying to defend myself from you."

"You think you smart, heh?"

What is it? Piss-Off-Lily Week?

So needless to say I would definitely endorse and celebrate a day that commemorates the slaying of assholes. It's like misogynists are everywhere. I'm sounding more and more like Gloria Steinem (pre-marrying into the Bale family ... one that Christian belongs to *drool*) by the minute, but je suis bitter.

Men. The good ones are taken. The bad ones are taken. But there's still enough of the latter to make me want to put my hand through a paper shredder ... and enjoy it.

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