Monday, March 29, 2004

Oh man, I haven't updated in awhile. Okay, so went out with Sexy Spinster last Saturday. We were going to go to the Royal Botanical Gardens to have ourselves a little picnic. That didn't work out (roping off the parameters must've had something to do with that.) So we decided to go to Math Judas's house (after calling the German and Christian Scrawnwich zealously, thinking maybe they're all hanging out; everyone, including Bible Cop, that is.) So while I was looking at everyone's phone numbers at a gas station booth, and holding up the phone book with my knees, elbows, toes, etc., Sexy Spinster taunted me with her uproarious laughter. Oh, haha ... until her foot slipped off the break and let her car torpedo itself in my direction (which, fyi, was a mere 2 feet from me ... pre-crash.) So yeah, her car skimmed my calf ... my bonafide sexy calf *sigh*.

Anyways, next weekend, I'm going to Toronto with Teet Taunter. He's my date for prom and we're going to have a hella good time. Gay people are great because they bring the type of drama that's ... well ... attractive to the table. The type I like to call "melodrama" and not "Next Stop: Sob City."

Straight men totally need a Queer Eye. Honestly. I can totally be a Queer Eye for them, but they're too busy being insecure to make it a worthwhile experience.

Anyways, prom. Short for "promenade" and you can't "promenade with just one." And I'm hoping to get something Betsy Johnson-inspired. Very '80s, sans leggings. Madonna's Like a Virgin lace, in black. Maybe 1920s style beading, with a hint of Gucci goth theme fall/winter 2001 or 2002?

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