Tuesday, March 02, 2004

I love the French duo "Air." Fell in love with them when I was in Beijing sampling bootlegged music and found Moon Safari. Then loved the soundtrack they did for The Virgin Suicides. Now I'm contemplating whether or not I should buy Talkie Walkie. Their new single "Cherry Blossom Girl" has been playing on my computer for the past ... 10 minutes. I love it (mostly because it took me so long to find a real version, which makes me appreciate it even more.) Sample lyrics:

I don't want to be shy
Can't stand it anymore
I just want to say 'Hi'
To the one I love
Cherry blossom girl

I feel sick all day long
From not being with you
I just want to go out
Ever night for a while
Cherry blossom girl

Tell me why can't it be true

It's not thought provoking or anything. But the layered melodies are wildly catchy and harmonious. Inventive but nothing like Radiohead's Amnesiac or Kid A. They incorporate so much texture and crispness to the sound that it's impossible to be bored. Air really is about the music. The lyrics are non-sequitur. Beautiful, not bland. Candy for my ears.

My mom raised my food allowance from $20 a week to $30. I didn't even ask for it. This must be her way of compensating for the whole "... and I'm not going to take you to CO-OP anymore either! What do you think about that?!" tantrum this morning.

"*shrug* Fine by me."

"Oh, don't you get angry with me. You're just too spoiled. This will be the last time I take you to school!"

"I said it was fine by me."

"Oh. I see. Hmmm... Well, I guess I'll get you some more bus tickets then. You want a bus pass? Which one would you rather have?"


"Okay, I'll get you the bus tickets because you have March Break this month and it wouldn't be worth it. I'll get you a bus pass in April. How's that?"

"Okay *or the equivalent of in Chinese*"

"And go get yourself a Subway."

"Thanks mum."

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