Sunday, February 22, 2004

Went out tonight with Bible Cop, Christian Scrawnwich and the German. Well, actually, attended this baptism with Bible Cop, Scrawnwich and Math Jesus. Boy, that Math Jesus just sings like he owns the place: "Lord, I love thee, Lord! I really adore you, Lord! La la la *insert shouting like Diana Ross if she was a man whose voice was cracking due to male-berty* Love you so much, Lord" and so on and so forth. So yeah, couldn't stand the screeching, so I sat down and read the Bible the whole time. I mean, you have to know the enemy to fight the enemy. And I'm sitting there, reading, and I'm thinking to myself how "The Good Book" sounds almost identical to ancient myths that we assume to be completely false now. The parallels aren't difficult to see, especially in the story of Noah in comparison to the Old Babylonian poem of Gilgamesh. So why do some people insist on following the Bible literally? I don't mind the fact that organised religion have many things in common, such as monotheism. But most notably are their collections of stories used to explain the who, what, where, when, whys of existence. They are myths, and in essence, the Bible, Koran, Torah, etc. are all pieces of fiction dreampt up by man to explain "what it all means." So I can understand the comfort people gain from reading these literary works, as healthy lessons can be gleaned from their pages. But to take them literally is like saying the aforementioned morals only apply in certain contexts, which contradict the all loving, all emcompassing values of, well, religion.

Later on, Bible Cop, Christian Scrawnwich, the German and I all hung out at Second Cup. Basically, we talked and talked and talked, and I asked the Christian whether or not he masturbates and the German said I was "tactless" while laughing (even though it was partly his fault since he brought it up to remind me), so I told the Christian not to answer me (which he gladly complied.)

I realise just how jaded I really am. That's my word now. Jaded. I'm already disenchanted with the world at 17. Yeesh, what the hell do I still have to live for? Oh right. Sex.

No, no. Music and movies would actually beat that hands down. *Drool* Chopin and Fellini ...

Found out today, I might be going to Cuba for a weeklong cruise with my madda, sidda and Bible Cop (if she gets her damn passport on time.) Oh, Latin men who are built like soccer players, watch out!

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