Saturday, February 14, 2004

Went cruising with Sexy Spinster today. Saw Shotgun Toter waiting at the bus stop and picked her up as well. I bought 10 chicken wings* and we ate them in the moving car ... then threw the bones out the window, one passing car at a time. Also threw the garbage bag (don't worry, it was double knotted) onto a lawn.

Went to Eastgate Mall and tried to find parking. Actually, it was quite empty but we wanted to run through the gaggle of geese who were schmoozin' with the seagulls. However, when we drove towards them, they did not move, even after honking at them ... repeatedly (if repeatedly means once ... but for a good 4 seconds.) And we couldn't back up either because we were too deep inside their territory. But good news in the end: Let's just say I didn't get to bring one home for dinner ... not that I wanted to.

Drove through the downtown area and turned up The Darkness's "I Believe In A Thing Called Love" with the windows rolled down. Yeah, that was ... embarrassing ... because while our upper bodies were jiving ... old ladies stared. Then we did it to Shania Twain's "Man I Feel Like A Woman" which didn't have the same impact ... because it was much more embarrassing. So for that song, we gingerly rolled up the windows and, well, turned down the volume. Okay, turned off the radio completely.

Drove into Westdale and parked near Shoppers Drug Mart. Turned into a space crooked. Backed up into a car**. Calmly walked away. Damn, good thing that cop didn't see us from across the street. "Don't look! Don't look back!" we warned each other as we sped-walked (correct tense?) inconspicuously.

Sexy Spinster later told me she almost got into an accident while driving home because she slipped and turned extra wide into oncoming traffic. Wow, so Halle Berry-esque of her ... except for the not hitting someone, not speeding away afterwards, and being Black thing.

*5 breaded, 2 honey garlic, 4 BBQ

**To be fair, it was rusty and old anyway. A little dent never hurt anyone, it simply builds character.

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