Thursday, February 19, 2004

So Dean's out of the presidential race. Well, that was ... to be expected. He's too much of a self-promotionalist and is easily irritated for effect. Too much of a wild card. He got rid of the 65 million dollar deficit the state of Vermont had before his tenure as governor by cutting back spending. This seems to be the "logical" route for many American (and Canadian) politicians. Social welfare is put on the back burner so you could see that little graph shrink itself into oblivion. Governor Schwarzenegger's doing it too (I can't believe Ah-nuld has that title now. I mean, what will his eulogy say? "Here lies Arnold 'The Pervert' Schwarzenegger. He led a full life. A long stint as Mr. Universe led to a semi-lucrative movie career that produced such gems like True Lies, Eraser, and Terminator I, II, & III. And here he sleeps, as the first governor of California who died on the job eating a ham sandwich, a la Mama Cass. May God be with him.")

Does Ah-nuld really think taking disability programs away will help the state? Yeah, you don't owe people money anymore, but you're also unwilling to part with money that could be spent on improving the lives of your people. Damn nouveau-Republicans. Their original ideology emphasised private ownership. But now, it's like the government has become the real threatening monopoly.


RE: Anthony,

If you don't like reading my blog, you have a choice of not reading it. I happen to work at the Spectator. I might not enjoy it it all that much, but since this is my blog, I will write whatever the hell I feel like writing, which includes things you either don't understand or choose not to.

Ugh, hippies.

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