Friday, February 20, 2004

Sex and the City is almost over. I've never been so attached to any TV show in my life, and yet, I got teary eyed within the first 7 minutes of "An American Girl In Paris (Part Une)." I can't believe she told off Big the way she did:

Carrie: 'You and I' NOTHING! You cannot do this to me again! You cannot jerk me around.

Big: Carrie, listen. It is different ...

Carrie: Oh, it's never different. It's six years ... of never being different. But this is it, I am done. Don't call me ... ever again. Forget you know my number. In fact, forget you know my name.

[Big is left speechless, watching her walk away.]

Carrie: And you can drive down this street all you want ... because I don't live here anymore!

That scene kicked the wind right out of me. That rage ... Big deserved it, but ... wow, he really needs to make an effort to win her back in Paris.

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