Monday, February 02, 2004

Just woke up from a power nap. Had a dream where all my girlfriends were dressed to the nines in vintage stripes and other Missoni prints. I had on these closed-toe espadrilles with silk ankle-ties. Except, one foot had two Roberto Cavalli-printed ones (gold and green, respectably), while my other foot had on a red version of the same leaf-motif. All the girls were running around in some cheap motel, through narrow corridors, down shallow steps, and asking for something I don't remember. Then, while being driven home, I got out of the car and yelled to someone, "I've got it! I'll start a 'Zine and call it Favourable Orgasm!" Cut to months later, outside a tall Tiffany & Co. looking building, there is a sign above the door that reads, "EO Magazine: Easy Orgasm." Cut to a trendy bar, where everyone is drinking the new, hip drink of the moment: The Dirty Orgasm. It apparently contains peach juice and vodka. Cut to a department store cosmetic's counter where everyone is just dying to use the new spring line called (you guessed it) Orgasm. Everyone woman can be seen powdering her nose with the colour, which is a golden yellow/orange combination. All this time, I tell myself people are suckers for so-called 'cutting edge' or 'risque' fads. Then I wake up looking for those shoes I had on.

What is this dream telling me? Suggestions?

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